Four years ago, I set out on a journey. No, I wasn’t making the trek to Mordor, although at times I felt like Frodo, with Sam on one shoulder and Gollum on the other. 

This path looked daunting, and if I’m honest, it sometimes still does. I write books. From cover to cover, I have to fill pages with my mind. I have to create worlds and paint pictures with words. 

It can’t just be random ideas thrown together. Each chapter, character, and scene is a puzzle piece cut with precision to allow a seamless final work of art. 

Four years ago, I had a dream. Today, I’m just trying to live it. 

-Whitney Morgan

My Pick of the Month



Im currently re-reading the Grisha-verse books. I think I love them just as much as the first time I read them! 

If you want to start at the beginning, Shadow and Bone is book one! 


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