Meet Isaac Douglas Cooper, II

July 13, 2017


I have two main secondary characters in Finding Home in Redemption, and Pop is one of them. I literally talk about him like he's a real person!


He's the reason I made this a series and wrote book two! I just couldn't tell these characters goodbye yet. So, thanks, Pop! 


Isaac graduated high school and went directly into the Marines. He served his country for nearly ten years and then he decided it was time to go back home and start the business he'd dreamt about from a young age.


That's where Cooper's Cars & Stuff was born. He sells used cars and he also runs a repair shop for the citizens of Taylorsville, Ohio. Outside of his own daughter, he employs veterans and reformed convicts. He believes in vets receiving jobs when they need them and giving those who are deserving, a second chance.


He's the epitome of goodness. 


"Pop's heart gravitated toward helping the underdog, so naturally, I was the apple, and he was the tree."

-Bentley, chapter three


Isaac was the most crucial character for me to write. In the very front of the book, the page reads: "To every girl and boy who had the misfortune of growing up without your father; Pop is for you. I hope he is everything you ever dreamed a father could be."


I needed a father figure in this book that embodied all of the amazing role models I've had throughout my life. His unyielding belief in his daughter's ability to make her own decisions was so important to me because I don't believe a confident man like Isaac could have raised a weak daughter. She means everything to him, so he wanted her to be strong.


"What I did know, was that I was going to do everything in my power to make sure my kid didn't want for a single thing for the rest of her life… and I'd end the next person who hurt her."

-Isaac, prologue, Keeper of Your Heart


(Did I mention I wrote a short story from his point-of-view? Well, I did! It can't be released until after book one since it gives a few secrets, but hopefully it can be released around the same time.)


Isaac is a firm believer in family. The guys and girls that work for him are immediately considered a part of his family, and it keeps growing.


His door is always open and whenever someone has a problem, he wants to hear about it. He's always willing to give his opinion and advice, but you'd better be ready for it because he doesn't sugarcoat anything, ever. If you can't be honest enough with yourself to accept truth, then you're setting yourself up for failure. 


I'm so excited for everyone to be able to read more about Pop when book one, and his short story, is released. I hope all of you enjoy this character as much as I did! I can't even describe how much fun I've had writing about this guy. 


Let me know if you have questions! 







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