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February 16, 2018




I have so much information, and I'm so excited to share it with everyone! In this blog, you'll get updates on book two AND book three in the Redemption Series, an introduction to a brand new book, two cover reveals and my goal release dates for all three stories! You'll also get insight on the next book giveaway and a possible chance to be an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) reader for book two! (That means you'll get the chance to read book two before anyone else!)



I'll start with the book I know you've all been waiting for ... 'Redeeming the Darkness', book two in the Redemption Series. I'm so excited to announce it will be in editing for the next couple months! My team is working hard to ensure book two is as perfect as we can make it.

I've added even more content than I originally had, so I'm really excited to share this story. If you have no idea what it's about and you're still anxiously waiting, I just have to say thank you!

For you, here's the synopsis:

Ivy Murphy knew everyone thought she was a wild child. She was okay with that.

All she ever wanted was an adventure, and when she moved in with her grandparents, three hours away from home, she thought she was taking her first step toward it.

She had no idea her adventure wouldn't begin until two years later when a man named Zane walked into her life.

She never saw the proposal coming. Agree to a five-year marriage of convenience for one-million dollars?

She would be crazy not to accept. Right?


I keep saying how excited I am to share Ivy and Zane's story, but I don't think I can say it enough! I truly cannot wait. I poured so many feelings into this book that I couldn't with book one. If there's one book that has my heart out of all that I've started, it's this one. This story means so much to me.

Now, for some excitement!!!


...... Drum roll ......​​




Ah! I have to say, it seems simple, but I love it. I think it's perfect for this couple, and when you read it you'll see why.

Before I move on to the next book, I want to say that I am shooting for a summer publication. My ultimate goal is to have this available for you to read by the beginning of August, and sooner if it works out! (If you want a chance to be an ARC reader and get info about a giveaway, keep reading!)



I don't think I've ever gone into depth with anyone other than my team about what book three is really about. While this isn't the official description that will be on the back, it's pretty close. I'm excited to introduce 'Retrieving What Was Lost', the story of Kelly Murphy!

What would you do if you met your soulmate when you were fourteen years old?

What would you do if he was taken from you less than two years later?

I decided to pretend it didn't happen and eventually, people found out.

After a year under the close eyes of my parents, the help of an amazing counselor, and a new environment, I was ready to start college.

I'd finally let go of Breton and I was looking forward to my future as an art teacher. But then he showed up, this person from my past. He started making me feel things I wasn't sure I was ready to feel, especially because of who he was.

What was I supposed to do?


Kelly is one of the Murphy kids. Daughter of Brennan and Bentley from 'Finding Home in Redemption' and sister to Ivy from 'Redeeming the Darkness'. I'm currently at the halfway mark in writing, so 'Retrieving What Was Lost' will most likely be available at the beginning of 2019.



This is another thing I'm so ecstatic to share with you all! I've been working on a new set of characters in a new setting with a completely different story!

For this, I have a synopsis and a cover reveal, but let me give you a little insight on what you can expect from this.

'It Begins With Fire' is going to be a novella, which will be around 150 pages. When I originally started writing this, it was meant to be a full-length novel, but things changed as I wrote. I felt like I could write their story in 30,000 words, and it was a challenge to myself. To create a full story arc in less than half the words I usually write is a hard task, but I feel like I can accomplish it. I'm currently at the one-third mark in this one! 

Here's the synopsis:

Ellie Rowell is ready to move away and not look back.

At twenty-five-years-old, she thought she’d be settled down and married, so moving to Alaska to find a husband just moved to the top of her to-do list. Sure, folks in town think she’s leaving to be near her father, but Ellie isn't going to correct them!

When her mother starts pestering her about taking a nanny position for Greyson Dotson, it’s a dream come true wrapped up in a nightmare. She absolutely needs the money for her move, but can she stand being near her lifetime crush every day for the next year?

Greyson wasn’t expecting to lose his best friends and gain a daughter all in the same night, but that’s exactly what happened. As a dedicated firefighter and father, he’s prepared to pay any price to make sure he protects his daughter along with every other citizen in his hometown. He wasn't expecting Ellie Rowell to respond to the job offer, though.

If he didn't have enough on his plate before, now he has to be near the woman who stole his heart when they were only children.


And the cover reveal for this one .......​


As for the publication, this one just might be coming out by the end of this year. I can't promise that because I have quite a few things happening in my family between August and December, but I can promise that I will try my hardest to get this to you before Christmas.



So, I've been an ARC reader for many of authors, so I know how important these people are. For those of you wondering what it is, don't worry! An ARC reader receives a copy of the book (typically an ebook) from the author as a complimentary gift in exchange for an honest review on any review platform (your personal blog, my author page on Facebook, Goodreads or Amazon).

If you'd like to be an ARC reader for 'Redeeming the Darkness' then all I need is a link or screenshot of your review of 'Finding Home in Redemption' on at least one review platform listed above. If you become an ARC reader, you'll receive book two about two weeks before it's scheduled to be released! I only ask that you review book two on a review platform as well.

As for the giveaway, I just wanted to let you know there WILL be another giveaway once book two is ready for publication! Two lucky winners will receive a complimentary, paperback copy of 'Redeeming the Darkness'!

That's all I have for now! If you read all the way through this, then you rock!

Until next time,











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